Stories for Food

New Hampshire Storytellers Team up with Nashua Senior Center to Help Stock the Nashua Food Pantrys

May 3, 2011

"I just want to take a minute to let everyone know that with the cooperation of the Nashua Senior Center and some New Hampshire Storytellers the Stories for Food program held yesterday at the Nashua Senior Center was a great success.

This all came about because a few people in a storytelling class I was teaching at Rivier College decided they wanted a place to tell and at the same time to do some good. We talked and they decided the Nashua Food Pantrys would be just the place they could put their efforts.

I got ahold of the Nashua Senior Center and they agreed it a worthy cause and gave us space to do it. Then they went all out in their effort to advertise it and to offer a place for people who wanted to donate a non perishable item. Thank you Cathy Barrett for your help and your support.

Mary from the food pantry went away with a whole car load of non perishable food items. Thanks to all the tellers Kim Hart, Angela Klingler, Gwen Mullen, George Radcliffe and myself our audience went away with a new understanding of storytelling and stories and one of our audience even agreed to share a story with us. What a joy it was to work with these people. To hear Gwen (a first time teller) tell a German folk tale (very well told by the way) and to come away knowing we fed hearts, minds and bodys. Thanks everyone."

Lauretta Phillips

STORIES FOR FOOD is produced by Lauretta Phillips to help refill the shelves and bring stories to people of all ages.

Beginning at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at the Nashua Senior Center

Two food pantrys will benefit from this performance:
Corpus Crhisti Food Pantry at 43 Franklin Street and Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry at 42 Chestnut Street.

Cost of Admission - Non perishable food items